Myer eGift Card $100

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Myer eGift Card $100

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Choose Australia’s favourite gift card and use it at any Myer store nationwide on a range of products from the latest in fashion, the newest season trends, to latest gadgets, homewares, furniture and much more. You won’t go wrong by choosing a gift card from Australia’s largest retail store.

Myer’s range of products include quality homewares, furniture, and the latest gadgets. Stocked with the newest trends in fashion, shoes, and accessories, Myer is one of Australia’s largest retail stores ensuring your giftee has the broadest range of items to choose their gift from.

But just as Gift Cards are easy to slip into an envelope along with a birthday card, they’re also very easy to lose. Or, worse still, accidentally leave at home.

Our innovative solution has changed the art of gifting with the digital Gift Card. Choosing a Myer Gift Card is not just the gift of choice ensuring that whoever you are buying forgets exactly what they want. It also makes your gift giving even easier with a simple online purchase you can make any time and send directly to your recipient – or yourself! – so you never lose your eGift Card.

Want to send this as a gift? Click on CONTACT at the bottom of the page and tell us:

  • who you want to send it to,
  • your message, and
  • their email address

We will send it to them and update you once it’s done. Alternatively, you can also call 1800-603-686 and we will arrange it for you!

eGift Card valid for 36 months from the date of purchase.

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